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Seaux Luxe Beauty


Seaux Luxe Beauty's Mission is to provide QUALITY that will add confidence, enhance the look, and attract beautiful things and people to all who wear our products. It was created to make you look and feel amazing everywhere you go, with minimal effort. 


Theia's, Owner of Seaux Luxe Beauty, desire to empower women to feel and be confident from the inside out led to her creating a cosmetic line that introduced a plethora of women to the game-changing magnetic lashes that enhance their overall attractiveness. Keeping her consumers at the forefront of her mind, she chose to begin with a product that is safer for consumers, inexpensive, glueless, and promotes excellent hygiene.


Research suggests that eyelashes enhance your appearance drastically by making you look more youthful, in addition to making your eyes look bigger and brighter. She continues the expansion of her line with bold, highly pigmented lippies, blush, and more. Born in New Orleans, and Louisiana Native, she chose to incorporate the influence that French/Creole culture has had on the region with creative product names. 


"I am very passionate about transforming lives and helping people to gain more confidence creatively through art and expression. That is why it is important to have a cosmetic line of products that everyone can easily apply." - Theia Turner-Smith, CEO 


Welcome to SEAUX LUXE BEAUTY, where beauty meets elegance. Explore our curated collection of exquisite cosmetics and enhance your natural radiance. Discover your perfect look and find your favorites in our Shop Now 

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